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Kenneth L. DeSeve, Ph.D., understands that navigating the complexities of relationships and sexual intimacy can be challenging. That’s why, as a psychologist and sex therapist serving Washington and Idaho, he offers specialized therapy services to help individuals and couples navigate these issues.

With 45 years of experience in the field of sexual therapy and general adult psychology, Dr. DeSeve has developed a customized approach for every client. If you’re seeking professional assistance to strengthen your intimate bonds and enhance your overall well-being, schedule an appointment with Kenneth L. DeSeve, Ph.D., today.


Assessment Tools and Couple's Toolbox

Kenneth L. DeSeve, Ph.D., offers a range of assessment questionnaires that can be conveniently filled out in the comfort of your home. In addition, he provides a comprehensive couple’s toolbox filled with resources designed to strengthen and enhance your intimate bond. 

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Client-Centered and Solution-Focused Treatment

Kenneth L. DeSeve, Ph.D., acknowledges that each client is unique, with their own spiritual, biological, and psychological needs. He utilizes a personalized approach, often blending cognitive and behavioral therapy techniques to address your specific concerns.

Dr. DeSeve’s treatment is solution-focused, aiming to achieve tangible results and progress. He will regularly discuss your therapy goals and review your perceived progress. If you have any questions or concerns during your therapy journey, Dr. DeSeve will gladly address them to ensure your comfort and well-being.

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Intimacy and growth are a complicated component of adult relationships. If you need help navigating, contact Kenneth L. DeSeve, Ph.D. today to schedule an appointment.