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About Kenneth L. DeSeve, Ph.D.

Kenneth L. DeSeve, Ph.D., provides general adult psychological and sexual therapy. Dr. DeSeve has experience in a variety of areas and strives to serve as a resource for clients even after treatment has ended.

Education and Certification

Dr. DeSeve received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Washington State University in 1975, upon completing an internship at the Palo Alto VA Hospital. In 1978, he received his license to practice as an independent practitioner in Washington. In 1980, he was certified as a sex therapist by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists. He is skilled at helping clients struggling from:

• Sexual Difficulties
• Inhibited Desire
• Impairment In Function
• Low Levels Of Intimacy
• Sexual Compulsions
• Abuse or Trauma
• Interpersonal Conflict
• Substance Abuse Disorders
• Low Self-Esteem
• Shame-Based Depression and Anxiety

Putting Clients' Interests First

Dr. DeSeve knows that not everyone is suited for his particular approach and that he may not be able to treat all the issues confronting an individual. He cannot guarantee successful treatment, but he will inform clients of any perceived limitations as early as possible and help them find more appropriate services that better meet their needs. There are risks involved with treatment, and some problems may seem to get worse before they get better, but you should always feel comfortable with your therapist. It is important to remember that you have the right to refuse therapy, change therapists, or request a different approach at any time. This practice is dedicated to finding methods that are suited for each client with encouragement to speak about any doubts relating to the efficacy of treatment.

A Goal-Oriented Approach

Couples' therapy can get contentious at times. Dr. DeSeve's focus is supporting his clients and helping them achieve specific therapy goals, not addressing legal issues that require an adversarial approach. By entering treatment, you agree not to involve him in court proceedings or attempt to obtain treatment records for legal reasons when marital or family therapy has been unsuccessful at resolving disputes. Ultimately, Dr. DeSeve wants to prevent the misuse of treatment for legal objectives. Treatment is not a substitute for an evaluation, and if the court requires you to obtain one, Dr. DeSeve will help you find a provider who offers this service.