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Policies and Billing

Policies and Billing

Kenneth L. DeSeve, Ph.D., in Spokane, Washington, welcomes new clients who are seeking individual or relationship therapy. Dr. DeSeve determines an individualized treatment approach for every client to better meet their needs.

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Appointments and Cancellations

All sessions are by appointment only, and it is important that you arrive on time to avoid interfering with another appointment following your session. Each session is 50 minutes in length, which is one clinical hour. If you make an appointment, please try to keep it, even if you feel upset about the last one or anxious about the upcoming one.

Confidential voicemail is available 24/7; please call as soon as possible if you know you cannot make an appointment. Appointments must be cancelled at least 1 week in advance. Late cancellations and no-shows will be charged for at least half the session. If you cannot reach the office and you have an emergency, please call the crisis line at 838-4428.

Fees and Billing

The initial session is $245, and all subsequent sessions are $200 per hour. Psychological testing fees are $85 per test.  Payments are all done by autopay from your credit or debit card monthly after insurance is processed.


Dr. DeSeve will provide the billing of your primary insurance provider. Billing a secondary provider is the client's responsibility.  Please keep in mind that most insurance agreements require clients to authorize their therapist to provide a clinical diagnosis and a treatment care plan or summary.

Client Responsibility

It is important to contact your insurance provider before treatment to verify that you have coverage for individual outpatient mental health benefits. In all cases, you are responsible for making sure your account is paid in full. If necessary, you are responsible for any and all collection fees, at which time client confidentiality will be waived.

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Your First Session

Please complete and submit the following 3 forms prior to your first session. The Registration Form can be completed and submitted below. Download and complete the Financial Policies, Privacy Practices & Consent to Treat Form (Washington Notice of Privacy Practices) scan or photograph and return by email or fax. Download and complete the Biosocial History form and return it by mail.

1) Registration 2) Privacy Practices, Financial Policies and Consent to Treat

3)Bio-psychosocial History 


Summary of Washington Notice of Privacy Practices