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Assessment Tools

Therapy Preparation

Kenneth L. DeSeve, Ph.D., in Spokane, Washington, specializes in interpersonal therapy for individuals and couples who are struggling in relationships. Sex therapy is a critical component of marriage counseling, and Dr. DeSeve gives his clients the tools they need to pursue a healthier, happier relationship.

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Before Therapy

Before attending your first session or even answering the questionnaires below, please keep in mind that it is common to experience an increase in stress when confronting emotional challenges in the early stages of treatment. Unforeseen issues may also arise during therapy, at which point you can discuss them with Dr. DeSeve.

Understanding Your Rights

If you are uncomfortable with filling out the assessment tools, please remember that Dr. DeSeve has provided them to help you, and he will not violate your right to privacy. The work you do with him is confidential and falls under the category of privileged communication. Washington state law protects your privacy in most circumstances, and Dr. DeSeve will not discuss your information or discussions with anyone without your written permission. When others involved in your case may benefit from certain information, you must first complete a Release of Information consent form.

Teens and Privacy

Adolescents over the age of 13 have the legal right to confidentiality. When children or adolescents are referred for treatment, it is important to respect their need for privacy, while identifying issues that the whole family needs to address. Please note that by law, some facts cannot be kept private. If you are gravely disabled, suicidal, or dangerous, that fact requires disclosure. Therapists are also required by law to report child and elderly abuse.

Couples' Questionnaires

The following questionnaires can help you focus on the nature of your issues. During the first few couples' therapy sessions, you and your partner will focus on identifying your relationship conflict. In order for Dr. DeSeve to understand your situation, please print and complete the questionnaires that are relevant to your situation and bring them to your first appointment. This will help determine the kinds of changes you want to achieve from therapy. The questionnaires are:

A-3 Sex Inventory | Accepting Influence | After the Affair | Restoring Trust

How Lonely Is Your Relationship? | Sexual Addiction History