Couple’s Toolbox

Couple’s Toolbox for Happier, Healthier Relationships

Kenneth L. DeSeve, Ph.D., offers individual and couples therapy in Washington and Idaho to help couples achieve relationship growth. Take advantage of the couple’s toolbox compiled for Dr. DeSeve’s clients to identify concerns and access useful navigation tools. Additionally, you can utilize the assessment tools available on this site.

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Individual and Couples Therapy

When both partners are engaged in therapy, it is crucial to strike a balance between respecting individual privacy and promoting open and effective communication. Please note that couples’ work is not subject to confidentiality laws.

Tools for Your Relationship

Throughout his career, Dr. DeSeve has discovered that some couples require guidance and practical tools to navigate their way toward a fulfilling relationship. To help couples positively manage their differences, he recommends adopting certain habits. These habits are based on groundbreaking studies that accurately predicted whether a couple would experience a happy relationship or one that was bound to fail, with a 90% accuracy rate.

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Positive Patterns 

Couples who are happier in their relationships approach conflicts differently compared to those who are likely to end up in divorce. Establishing and maintaining these positive patterns in therapy will help keep you and your spouse on track.

Here are some resources you can utilize: